Frequently Asked Questions

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Our goal is to provide friendly and responsive support. If you have any questions, please write it down or you can e-mail us and customer service representative will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours. We may already have what you’re looking for, right here on our site, so we suggest you start by checking in our FAQ. Begin your search below to find a quick and easy answer.

  • General

    • What is VPN?

      VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The main feature of VPN service is its security and privacy. It encrypts the traffic you transmit over the network.

    • How does VPN work?

      It adds a new network interface which you are working with as if you are working with direct internet connection. But the IP is different, and all traffic is encrypted. It enables a host computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if they are an integral part of the private network with all the functionality, security and management policies of the private network.

    • Can I use your VPN instead of my current ISP connection?

      No, internet connection and VPN service are two different concepts. You need an existing/working (Cable, DSL, 3G, Satellite, etc) internet connection to be able to use VPN service.

    • What is the difference between a Proxy and VPN service?

      • VPN connections are much more stable and secure than proxies
      • Not all applications are compatible with proxy and most of them need special configuration to work with a proxy
      • No further configuration is needed for applications to work under a VPN connection
    • Do I need any specific System Requirements to use VPN in Touch service?

      You don't need a high end system. No additional software is required to use our VPN service as we utilize the VPN feature already in your operating system. Upon registration signup, every user will receive all the VPN account information required to set up a connection to our servers.

    • What is the possible solution if my ISP blocks VPN in Touch domain/IP?

      VPN in Touch has tens of servers around the world in order to minimize the occurrence of such things on a large scale. If you ever face such a problem, please report this to our support team, we will provide you a new address within 24 hours.

    • Will VPN slow down my system or internet connection?

      No, generally you won't notice any slowness.

    • Can I increase the speed of my connection when using VPN service?

      Sometimes users do report the VPN bypasses their ISP's throttles. Some users do report applications run better as well such as P2P.

    • Where are VPN in Touch servers located?

      Our servers are spread out across the globe; From US to Asia. For the complete list of our servers, please follow this link

    • Can I use BitTorrent and other P2P?

      Except all the US servers, other VPN in Touch servers allow P2P (Torrent, DC++, etc.).

    • Is it possible to use your VPN service on DSL/Cable router or firewall?

      If your router/firewall supports PPTP pass-through, you should have no troubles connecting. Many routers/firewalls handle PPTP connections fine even though they do not explicitly advertise PPTP pass-through capability. Your firewall rules must be set up to allow outbound connections to our server IP on TCP port 1723 and IP protocol 47 (GRE).

    • Which platforms does your VPN service support?

      We support a wide range of OS’s and smart devices. There are easy-to-learn tutorials provided for you on our website in order to configure your device and use VPN in Touch.

    • Are there any pre-configured VPN setup files available for me to setup VPN on my device?

      Yes. We currently provide you with an Automatic Configuration file for iPhone/iPad/iPod, plus a phonebook file for Windows, so that you can connect to VPN much easier.

      • Using iPhone/iPod/iPad auto-config file is really simple. After you’ve installed it via your device, approve to install VPN in Touch profile. It will configure the VPN automatically on your device. Now go to the settings and choose a server based on your desired location;
      • Phonebook (.pbk) is a portable file which doesn't need to be installed. But there are 2 points to consider:
        • You need to enter your credentials for each connection at least one time;
        • For each L2TP connection, you should at least one time go to Properties > Security tab > Advanced settings and enter vpnintouch as pre-shared key;
    • Where can I find pre-configured setup files?

      • Windows users can easily download the Phonebook file from here;
      • iPhone/iPad/iPod users should login to their account at and choose to download the Auto-Config file from Dashboard;
    • I want to view online TV streaming on my computer. What sites are there for online UK TV, USA TV, Canada TV?

      There are loads of geo-restricted sites that are compatible with our VPN service for Online TV watching right on your computer.

      Some of Online UK TV sites: BBC iPlayer, BBC Sports streaming, ITV, 4OD, Demand FIVE, Sky Player, Zattoo, Eurosport, STV, ESPN360 **

      Some of Online USA TV sites: Netflix Movie streaming,Fox on demand, Fox Soccer, FX network, HULU, CBS,, ABC,NHL, NFL, Amazon Video on demand, SyFy Rewind, Live Cricket, Free Music Streaming (Lala),Rugby Zone,iLike (with MySpace music),NBC **

      Some of Online Canada TV sites: Spacecast, TSN, Much Music, Global TV, CTV, MTV Canada, Bravo, Star TV, The Comedy Network, City TV.

      ** Not all sites are free to view content. Some require paid subscriptions.
      We will keep on adding to this list...

    • I forgot my password. How should I proceed?

      You can reset your password in case you forgot it as follows:

      1. Go to
      2. Type your registered email and click Send.

      Or you can simply do these steps on your device.

      1. Launch VPN in Touch app on your iPhone/iPad or Android device.
      2. Go to "Login" page and then click "Forgot Password?"

      Using both methods, an email containing a link will be sent to you to reset your password.

  • Payment

    • What are VPN in Touch’s available payment options?

      We currently use the following third party payment providers: PayPal, Google Checkout, and iTunes in-app-purchase.

    • How can I make a payment from a country where your website is blocked?

      If our website is blocked and you want to make payment then you may send an email to our sales department. We may conditionally issue you a free account or add temporary credit to an existing one, followed by some verification process. That will help you to make payment.

    • I made a purchase, but my account credit hasn’t been recharged yet. What should I do?

      This might sometimes occur due to different network issues, ranging from source to destination server’s malfunctioning. If you face this matter, simply forward us the receipt mail which you received from your online store upon purchase. We will fix the order and your account credit within 24 hours.

    • How do I request cancellation/refund?

      First, kindly please review our refund policy to check whether your request meets the requirements. Then, simply send an email to our support team containing your request. One of our support staff will promptly follow up your call.

    • Where can I get specific information about your packages?

      We always encourage you to review and compare different plans in detail provided for you on our website before buying them. Detailed information can be found here.

  • Presale

    • Can I get a trial account prior to purchase?

      Yes, every new customer will be given a 7-Day free trial package UPON REGISTRATION BY iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Device and Windows 8-based devices.

    • Can I use my account on more than one computer?

      You can use your account on as many devices as you desire. But, due to security reasons, at the same time just one user is able to connect to an account. You can use on multiple devices but not simultaneously.

    • Can I use VPN on public computer?

      Yes you can run it on any computer, but you will need super user privileges to be able to configure and establish network connection.

    • I travel to many locations; do I have to reconfigure my account every time I go to another country or location?

      This depends on where you travel to. Your VPN will work wherever you go where the network provider allows PPTP/L2TP connection. You might also get better performance if you switch to a server closer to you. For example if you were based out of Europe and you were connecting to a VPN server in Chicago, and then you moved to Japan, your new ideal location (for USA) would be SLC.

  • Speed-up Tricks

    • My VPN connection speed is very slow. How can I fix it?

      Answering this question is a bit tricky, since you should first find where the problem actually resides. Here we provide you detailed explanation of possible reasons and solutions to this matter:

      • The most important factor is speed of your own internet connection. Your ISP might limit the bandwidth of PPTP and L2TP communication.
      • You are far away from the server you have chosen to connect to. Connection speed depends on how far away is your country from our VPN server - ping latency. You can connect to the nearest VPN in Touch server to your location.
      • It could be a DNS issue. You may change your DNS and check whether you have better results. We usually recommend you to use Google public DNS. The configuration instructions for Windows, MacOSX and Linux can be found here.

      If none of the above solutions help then you will need to adjust your MTU settings. It can be divided into two steps:

      1. Determine the optimal MTU size

      In a case you may need to modify the MTU size and wonder how to determine the optimal MTU for your system. You can use ping command to do so, for example, ping -f -l xxxx, where is the domain name you want to reach and xxxx is the packet size used to determine the optimal MTU for your system. For example, you can start with 1472 as showing here:

      ping -f -l 1472

      Pinging [] with 1472 bytes of data:
      Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set.

      If the result indicates that the packet needs to be fragmented, lower the size of the packet in increments of -10 (e.g. 1462, 1452, 1442) until you have a packet size that does not fragment. Then, start increasing the packet size from this number in small increments until you find the largest size that does not fragment.

      2. Modify MTU settings in Registry

      Microsoft has provided a complete instruction on how to change the MTU settings in your Windows Registry. Here is the link:

  • Technical

    • Does it also protect other protocols like ICQ, Mail or FTP.

      Once you are connected to our VPN server, all programs use a virtual network interface, which protects all programs that access internet on your computer.

    • What ports should be open on firewall/router for it to work?

      Just PPTP (Port 1723 TCP) and L2TP (Port 1701 UDP) should be open. Furthermore your ISP must allow you to access to GRE protocol. In most cases, you won't experience any problems connecting to our VPN server from any place, please contact us if you do.

    • Can I manually switch to different servers?

      Yes. You can simply ignore the random server assignment and choose each of your desired servers. The list of available VPN in Touch servers can be found here.

    • I can connect to VPN servers. But I cannot browse anything.

      The problem might because of a bad DNS configuration. Normally your DNS servers are configured automatically. You can check if you are able to ping any internet IP address (not hostname). If you are able to ping IP addresses but cannot access any web pages, then change your static DNS servers. Google has provided you with detailed explanation on how to configure Global DNS.

    • I keep getting errors while trying to connect to VPN servers.

      Please head to the VPN in Touch Troubleshooting Center. There you can find possible solutions based on the type of your problem.

    • I’m connecting over Wireless and my VPN connection speed is very slow. Is it related to my wireless network?

      Maybe. In most cases, check your channel; if you are losing a significant amount of speed on your VPN it may be worth checking to see if you are running full speed on your wireless connection. The default channel on most router models is 6, and everyone in your location is probably using that same channel. Going into the Admin page of your router and changing it to a different channel can have a great improvement on the performance of your network.

    • I get disconnected from your servers every few minutes. Do you really have any idea what’s going on?!

      Yes, there is nothing to be worried about. Try out bypassing the router if you have. Connect directly to the modem. If this works then it means you'll need to adjust MTU value on your router. It’s a simple process that every user can have it done. You may refer to this section to get the instructions.

    • I’ve connected to VPN successfully but browsing stops after a few minutes of usage. I’m still connected but I don’t have access to internet anymore. What should I do?

      This situation usually occurs when you are on a Wifi. If you have access to the router go to router management console and look for settings such as "Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)" or "Firewall on" or "Firewall off" (different routers consoles have different names for this). Disable SPI or Firewall and it should normally work.

    • How can I use VPN on my game consoles, i.e. PS3, XBOX 360, etc.?

      There are 3 possible ways to do so:

      1. You can setup VPN on your own router.
      2. Windows users can gain the benefits of ICS (Internet Connection Sharing).
      3. MAC users can follow these steps:
        1. Go to System Preferences and select Sharing.
        2. Select Internet Sharing.
        3. Select the VPN to share from the drop down list.
        4. Select what interface to share the VPN to i.e. Ethernet
        5. Select the tick box on the enable the sharing i.e. "Internet Sharing"
        6. When the sharing is active the icon will become green and the status will change to: On.
        7. Now click on Ethernet and click on Configure IPv4 drop down and instead of DHCP select manually and insert IP address (or any range) and insert subnet mask
        8. h. Plug in device to the LAN/Ethernet port of your MAC and insert IP, subnet mask and default gateway in your console.
  • Affiliate Program

    • How does the affiliate program work?

      Register on and you’ll be given a referral link that you can use to start the job!

    • When will I get paid?

      You will get paid between 7th and 15th day of each month.

    • What are the payment methods?

      We currently conduct all the payments for our affiliate program through Paypal.

    • Is there a minimum payout?

      Yes, you should earn a minimum amount of $50 to get a payout from our system.

    • What is the protocol when users refund their orders?

      If a customer refunds money, we will reverse your commission. If this happens after your payout time, we will take away the commission for this order from your next payout cycle.

    • What will happen if I get a lot of fraudulent orders?

      You will receive a warning from VPN in Touch to deal with the high fraud rate immediately. If the rate remains high, your account will be terminated.

    • How can I get information about my activity?

      Upon registration, we provide you with a panel, from which you can access most of the essential information. Some of them are as follows:
      Dashboard: Your account’s basic information, your referral link and a glimpse of your financial activity.
      Report: Complete daily report of every click and order referred from your link. Marketing: List of banners and other advertising material to be used on your website.

    • How can I get the banners and other advertising material?

      Login to your Panel and head to “Marketing” section. You have the option to choose among different banners and advertising material to put on your website. You may set an optional tag for each of your banners in order to track them more effectively. After this simple configuration, you will receive the code and URL to put on your website.