Download VPN Apps

Benefits of using VPN in Touch

  • Unblock Websites

    Bypass internet restriction and access to any websites: Unblock Facebook, Unblock Youtube

  • Secure Your Data

    Encrypt your private data before sending it from your computer, smartphone or tablet over the internet.

  • Bypass content restrictions

    Watch Netflix and BBC iPlayer, no matter where you are. Use Skype, Viber and all Voip services without restrictions.

  • Protect Your Privacy

    Hide your IP address, protect your online identity while browsing and surf the web anonymously.

  • Wifi Hotspot Security

    Prevent sniffers and hackers from stealing your private data while using public hotspots.

  • Data Saving and Ad Blocker on Mobile

    Save more bandwidth on your mobile 3G/4G data plan. Clear your mobile screen of obtrusive ads with Ad Blocking mode.